Monday, 22 September 2014

Prime Time

Not everybody is a lover of primer but I love it. I find that without  a decent primer my makeup disappears from my face within a couple of hours. If I am not in a total rush I can use up to 3 different kinds of primer. Firstly I apply a bit of the PIXI Flawless and Poreless (£20.50)  across my nose to minimise any pores and to create a smooth surface for my makeup to applied on to. 

 Do you ever get under eye creases after applying your concealer? If yes then definitely give the Smashbox (£21) under eye primer a try. I brought this a couple of months ago and find it prevents though pesky lines from appearing plus it ensures your concealer stays put all day! 

Eyelid primer is essential if you are going out after work and don't want to worry about touching up your makeup. I have tried so many primers in the past and I do love the Urban Decay and the Benefit primer. However my absolute favourite primer is by Absolute New York (£4.99 - bargain!!) I discover this primer through Glossybox and have not stopped using it since! It literally glues your eyeshadow on to your eyelids.  On the rare occasion that I have gone to bed without removing my makeup i.e. on Friday night (hangs head in shame) my eye makeup actually doesn't look too bad!! 

Pixi primer was kindly sent for me to try!

Do you guys rate primer?? If so what are your favourites?

Love L x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week Part II

Fashion Week is sadly all over but I had such an amazing experience. It was so interesting being backstage and being a part of the whole process.  The highlight of working backstage is that you get to watch  the show from the 'pit' so you get an amazing view! Over the weekend I was at the ME hotel  looking after the press backstage.

Shots from the 'Ethologie' Show 

Shots from the Basharatyan V Catwalk

Ada Zanditon Couture Show

Come evening it was party time! I worked on the door which is one of my favourite jobs as its really social. On Saturday it was a party for WEARECOLLISION magazine at Beat club in central London.   I love this venue so much as it has such a cool interior. It was a really fun night and after my door duties were done I went inside to enjoy the party...

 The following night was the after party for the SHOPCADE pop -up which was held at the White Space near Leister Square. Again, I was on the door with my friend Olivia who is really fun to work with. There was awesome music from various DJs and Rough Copy performed some of their stuff too. The party had so much on offer, there was candy floss, lots of alcohol, henna and amazing goodie bags!  It was a really successful night and we reached full capacity which is always a good sign. 

SHOPCADE Goodie bag!

Roll on February for LFW 2015...

Love L x

Saturday, 13 September 2014

London Fashion Week

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week but it has been such a busy week with organising stuff for LFW and trying to fit in my IV treatment as well. But I managed to grab a quick hours break so I thought I would try and blog a little bit...

The first show on my schedule was Busardi at Dartmouth House which I must say is one of the most beautiful venues I have been to. It was very grand and luxurious and of course I arrived a hot sweaty mess. So after I had powdered my face it was off to work. I was on the door greeting and checking invitations which I really enjoy doing as it gives me a chance to check out all the great outfits guests are wearing! After everyone had been seated the show began. The hair and makeup was done by the amazing guys at AOFM. 

I didn't really get much of a chance to grab many photos but I managed to snap a couple. As you can see the dresses are so beautiful and elegant. I love how the androgynous hair contrasts with the dresses and gives the overall look a modern edge. Another highlight of the show was definitely the accessories, each model had eye-catching ear cuffs on which completed the look perfectly. 

I kept my makeup rather minimal with just a standard cat flick and a Clinique Chubby Stick in shade Woopin' Watermelon on my lips and cheek. I also wore my new favourite Topshop necklace (£20). 

After the show had finished a few of us headed over to the SHOPCADE popup to help with setting up ready for Saturday. I loved it as it involved putting together furniture so I got to whack out the electric screwdriver which is always fun to let out any stress! Once the working day was over I went for a couple of cheeky drinks with Chris who was also working at the event :) 

So that was day one of LFW I will probably condense both Saturday and Sunday into one post on Monday so do check back! 

Thanks for reading guys :) 

Love L x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wedding Bells

I travelled down to Somerset on Friday night with what felt like the whole of London! However I did learn a trick from the man sitting with me - you can easily open a bottle of beer with the end of a lighter... (handy!) I travelled down in my comfy tracksuit and I hadn't been given the memo that we were having formal drinks and speeches that night and I hadn't packed any other clothes with me. So I had to rock up late in my tracksuit with loads of beautifully dressed people I had never met before.

Anyhoo on Saturday my beautiful cousin Rozzie got married to her fiancĂ© George, the wedding was held in my Great Uncle and Aunts garden which had been transformed the  into a magazine worthy wedding venue. Instead of sleeping in B&Bs everyone 'glamped' in handsome bell tents. After the church service ( I managed not to trip over!) we had a load of photos taken and even got a horse involved... I wore hightop trainers as my dress was long so I really hope they don't show in the photos!  After all the bridesmaid duties were completed it was on to the party. Throughout the night there was amazing music including an acapella band who sang a great Beyonce mashup. 

Make -up wise I tried out two new limited edition eyeshadows from Mac in shades Gilded Thrill and Coil. (£15.50)  They have a cool spongy texture which means the formula clings to the eyelid easily. The colours are beautiful and coppery and they stayed put all day and didn't budge at all; plus I am not a big cryer at weddings so I don't need to worry about my makeup running.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Love L x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Autumn Berry Lip

Bottom right is waaaay too posey sorry!!!

I have been playing around with different lip colours recently! A strong favourite is a berry lip, plus it's a perfect shade as we head into autumn. A few of my favourites are the Maxfactor 020 lipfinity (£10.99) . I am wearing it in the pictures above - I like how it has a slight sheen. However I found it to be a tad drying so I make sure to wear a lip balm underneath! 

Another good un' is the Mac 'Dare You' this is a really deep berry colour and definitely makes a statement. The only problem with a dark lip colour is that it can make your lips appear smaller... One way to combat this is to line the lips with a liner such as the MaxFactor Colour Elixir Liner (£4.99) in shade 16.  And slightly extend the lip line  ever so slightly.  

My favourite for a quick berry lip without any fuss is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (£25)in shade 'Emotion'. This product is super easy to apply, I just slap it on straight from the bullet and carry on my day. Plus it is really moisturising and stays put for a long time - though it is a tad on the pricey side! 

I am so excited as tomorrow I head to Somerset as my beautiful cousin is getting married and I am bridesmaid. I always find myself really nervous in Church though and I just have a big feeling that I am going to trip over my dress and make a fool of myself in some shape or form...

Do you have a favourite berry shade lipstick? Or perhaps you are not a fan of it?

Love L x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Great Escape - Design a Room Challenge!

So I was asked by the lovely Hana from Think Money to have a go at designing a room for a campaign called The Great Escape. The Great Escape are running a cool competition for people  living at home with parents. If you are desperately yearning to move out then this is the competition for you. The lucky winner will win a months paid rent and security deposit. On top of that you are given £1000 pounds to spend on redecorating. 

Last August I moved into a flat by myself for half a year in South East London, it was such fun moving in and putting my own stamp on the place. Its was so nice having people over all the time and  eating rather a lot of sweets! 

With the one grand budget, I decided to design a 'loft style' room as it gender neutral and I personally  love this style room so thought it would be fun to design. 

 Obviouly if you are renting a place you need to ask permission from the landlord if you want to paint walls etc but if I was given the green light I would paint the walls grey and cover one wall cover in an authentic brick wallpaper or a wall sticker (a great alternative for rented properties as they are easily removable) Ideally I would love the room to have wooden floors but again when renting you can't be  fussy! 

I have included photos of items that I would fill the room with. I hope it all makes sense and you can see the kind of idea I would try to create.

Duvet cover John  Lewis £30 

I obviously had to include some cacti in the room   Bonnie & Bell £22

Stag picture NOTH £12 

Train ticket picture NOTH £14

Bed frame IKEA £105 (not the duvet cover!)

desk IKEA 135

Brick wallpaper $26.99 per roll 

 Ikea book case in picture  £150ish

Clothes rail IKEA £14

Photo collage with fairy lights - recreate one myself 

Trash can -  Heals £35

Gin bottle/light Etsy £15 or I would have a go at making one myself

Turntable  - Amazon £69

Crate bedside table - I would up cycle an old crate £0000 

(If budget allows I think this horse sculpture is awesome - it remind me of the amazingly realistic horse puppet in 'War Horse'. ) £78

Clock -  Heals £50

No room for me is complete without a hot water bottle or microwavable teddy so I had to include one in my room design. (£15)

Book of tattoos - Killer Ink (£15) 
Of course you need some sort of fizz to celebrate moving house! £13.49 (half price from £26.99 at Tesco)

I hope you like my room design! I think I have designed one that is suitable for both ladies and gentleman... What do you think of it? What kind of decor do you like best? 

Love L x

Friday, 29 August 2014

Holiday Catchup

This holiday has been so relaxing it has been a much needed break! I have tried to get in some sunbathing, walking and plenty of eating... soooo much food I need to start eating much healthier as soon as I get home. Yesterday we climbed up a nearby mountain, I was so impressed with my 2 brothers for reaching the top.  On the walk up we went past a fountain which has 'healing' water. I drank nearly 2 litres of the stuff haha. I bet the only thing I will get from that water is diarrhoea...  The three of us cheated and got a Tuk Tuk to the bottom which was fun as the driver went super speedy for us :) 

I took a small selection of makeup with me but as always on holiday haven't worn any. Also my hair has become a wild mess, so when I get back I plan on my first hair cut of 2014!! I think I am going to get some more blond put into my hair as I really fancy a change. 

Today is the last full day so hopefully the sun will be out so I can get my tan on! The great thing with staying in a villa rather than a hotel is you can get in a cheeky bit of topless sunbathing and skinny dipping! 

I hope everyone has been having a great week - I am not looking forward to coming back to England as my first stop back is to hospital to start IVs :(  But I am looking forward to having a proper catchup on blogs when I return. 

Love L x